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VI International Congress of Metallurgists of Macedonia - First announcement

Dear Colleagues,

MACEDONIAN UNION OF METALLURGISTS announces that the VI International Congress of Metalurgists of Macedonia – “METALLURGY, MATERIALS AND ENVIRONMENT” is scheduled for 29.05 till 01.06 2014 in Ohrid. The fame of the Ohrid Lake is widespread and there is no need to repeat it.

The scope of our Congress is to promote exchange of results and ideas in the fields of Metallurgy, Material Engineering and Environmental Protection and related sciences as well to foster collaboration between the academic and industral community.

The planned lectures (plenary, invited and key-note) and poster sessions to cover recent achievements in the mainstream fields of Metallurgy, Material Engineering and Environmental Protection will be divided into following sections:

  • Physical and Mechanical Metallurgy, PMM
  • Extractive Metallurgy, EM
  • Plastic Deformation and Metal Processing, PDMP
  • Welding, W
  • Casting of Metals, CM
  • Electrometallurgy, E
  • Corrosion and Protection of Metals, CPM
  • Process Engineering and Management, PEM
  • Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies, NN
  • New and Advanced Materials, NAM
  • Environmental Protection, EP
  • Waste minimization and Recycling, WMR
  • Refractory Materials, RM
  • Education, EDU

All correspondence should be addressed to the congress webpage that will be published in the Second announcement, September 2013.
Official web-site: www.tmf.ukim.edu.mk/cmum14
Official e-mail address: cmum14@tmf.ukim.edu.mk

You could contact Congress Chair person at the following addresses:
Prof. Sveto Cvetkovski, Organizing Committee, sveto@tmf.ukim.edu.mk

Yours sincerely,
Sveto Cvetkovski, President of the Organizing Committee
Aleksandar Dimitrov, President of the Scientific Committee